Framework for Organizing Cross Cutting Concerns.

This project is no longer under active development. All that is done is bug fixes for JBoss EAP 5.x.

JBoss AOP is a 100% Pure Java aspected oriented framework usable in any programming environment or tightly integrated with our application server. Aspects allow you to more easily modularize your code base when regular object oriented programming just doesn't fit the bill. It can provide a cleaner separation from application logic and system code. It provides a great way to expose integration points into your software. Combined with JDK 1.5 Annotations, it also is a great way to expand the Java language in a clean pluggable way rather than using annotations solely for code generation.

JBoss AOP is not only a framework, but also a prepackaged set of aspects that are applied via annotations, pointcut expressions, or dynamically at runtime. Some of these include caching, asynchronous communication, transactions, security, remoting, and many many more.

The Project


Articles on JBoss AOP

  • DZone, August 2008, An Introduction to Aspect-Oriented programming with JBoss AOP, by Kabir Khan
  • AOSD08 - Industry Track, April 2008, Rearchitecting JBoss AS 5 with AOP in the Core - Moving from a microkernel to a microcontainer, by Kabir Khan and Flavia Rainone
  • OnJava, September 2004, "Aspect-Oriented Annotations", by Bill Burke
  • Linux Magazine, June 2004, "Killer App for AOP", by Bill Burke and Marc Fleury
  • InformIT, June 25 2004, "A Primer for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java", by Tim Stevens
  • Javaworld, July 5 2004, "Second-generation aspect-oriented programming", by Dave Schweisguth
  • Java Developer's Journal, December 2003, "It's the Aspects", by Bill Burke


Talks on JBoss AOP

  • JustJava2008, Sao Paulo, September 2008, "Designing a J2EE Server with IoC and AOP: A Study Case", by Flavia Rainone
  • JustJava2008, Sao Paulo, September 2008, "Dynamic Aspect-Oriented Programming and Adaptable Systems", by Flavia Rainone
  • AOSD08 - Industry Track, April 2008, Rearchitecting JBoss AS 5 with AOP in the Core - Moving from a microkernel to a microcontainer, by Flavia Rainone
  • JustJava2007, Sao Paulo, October 2007, "JBoss AOP: Advanced Aspect-Oriented Topics", by Flavia Rainone
  • JBoss Night, a SouJava talk event, Sao Paulo, August 2007, "JBoss AOP 2.0", by Flavia Rainone
  • JBoss World 2006, Berlin, November 2006, "JBoss AOP Advanced", by Kabir Khan
  • JBoss World 2005, Atlanta, March 2005, "Aspect Oriented Programming", by Anant Athale, Kabir Khan and Michael Yuan



You can find the JBoss AOP documentation here .

If you are using JBoss AOP with JBoss AS, then you should review the JBoss AS documentation for details beyond the documentation outlined below.


Online Tutorials

We are constantly publishing tutorials at our blog:


Community Links

Contributing Aspects

If you have an idea for an aspect with JBoss AOP, go to this Wiki Page and add your link. If you are interested in this becoming part of JBoss AOP's aspect library, please email the JBoss AOP team or


Thanks to JProfiler for providing the AOP team with an open source license.

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